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KMX Technologies, LLC (“KMX”), a global market leader in membrane distillation, water treatment, and critical mineral recovery, today announced the appointment of Dr. Sean Ghayeni, PhD, PE, as Head of Technology.

Dr. Ghayeni is a renowned chemical engineer and environmental scientist that brings over 30 years of experience to KMX. He has worked with many leading engineering and research institutions, including Hatch, SNC-Lavalin, and KMX Membrane Technologies, Corp. (prior to the asset acquisition and establishment of KMX Technologies, LLC).

At KMX, he will lead the company’s push to develop next generation technology, including its proprietary critical mineral and water treatment solutions, and will lead the company’s assessment of new technologies and its future materials initiative.

Dr. Ghayeni has played a leading role in the recent expansion of KMX’s IP portfolio, including its proprietary work on lithium and Rare Earth extraction processes. He is also an inventor of KMX’s membrane modules, specially and uniquely designed for vacuum membrane distillation.

Dr Ghayeni said, “I’m extremely excited to serve as Head of Technology for KMX. With our technology it is possible to convert waste-streams and mining waste into clean water and valuable products such as lithium, gold, silver, nickel, and other sources of revenue”. He added, “It is a win-win solution, for the environment and for industry”.

Zachary Sadow, KMX Executive Chairman said, “We are honored to have Dr. Ghayeni serve as our Head of Technology.” He added, “Dr. Ghayeni continues to push the limits on what is possible with KMX’s technology, including maximizing lithium and Rare Earth Elements recovery from waste-streams.”

KMX is the leading technology developer for above-ground critical mineral recovery solutions, including lithium, Rare Earth Elements, and other minerals necessary for the energy transition. As Head of Technology, Dr. Ghayeni will continue to drive innovation internally, as well as lead collaborative research initiatives with leading academic institutions also intent on improving critical mineral recovery and developing next generation waste-treatment solutions.

About KMX Technologies:
KMX Technologies is a global leader in membrane distillation, water treatment, and critical mineral recovery. Our patented technology and processes were developed to address the world’s toughest industrial water treatment and mineral recovery challenges. Utilizing a low temperature thermal process and a low-pressure operating system gives KMX an energy efficient design allowing us to deploy cost-saving solutions to various end markets.