KMX has changed how critical minerals and lithium are secured, while providing next generation water treatment opportunities

Who we are

KMX delivers zero-waste solutions using proprietary technology spanning water, lithium, and critical minerals.

Our mission


Deploy disruptive zero-liquid discharge water treatment solution to leading industrial customers


Deploy complementary technology to current lithium companies and standardize for new entrants

Critical Minerals

Secure sustainably sourced critical minerals without costly and damaging mining

KMX Next Gen

Solve emerging challenges in new growth markets with next generation technology

State of the markets


  • Water treatment, desalination, and brine concentration markets steadily growing
  • Water scarcity and environmental regulations driving high-end water treatment

Desalination CAPEX by Country, 2021-2025

Brine Concentration and Industrial Water Treatment CAPEX by Sector

Source: Global Water Intelligence, KMX Technologies


Lithium demand expected to increase ~800% over next two decades

Lithium market of $55bn by 2040

Battery market of $620bn by 2040

Lithium extracted from brine to outpace hard-rock mining growth

LCE (kt)

Source: KMX Technologies, Bloomberg, Various investment banks

Critical Minerals

Electric Vehicles, defense industry, and communications are driving demand for magnets and Rare Earth Elements

Every F-35 Fighter jet utilizes 920 pounds of Rare Earth Elements


Rare Earths are found in over 90% of electric vehicles


Over 90% of Rare Earths are produced in China

Source: Department of Defense, KMX Technologies