Water. Lithium. Critical Minerals.

Through our proprietary technology, KMX has changed how critical minerals and lithium are secured, and provides next generation water treatment opportunities.

through our powerful separation capabilities…


can be treated to the highest standards


can be extracted more sustainably and economically

Critical Minerals

needed for the future can be secured with sustainable mining practices

let’s break
it down

with zero waste

Waste water

KMX separates pure water from particles at low temperatures, capturing valuable minerals and other constituents in the process


Recycled water

Zero-liquid discharge (purifying the toughest waste-streams)

Low-cost lease and license business model

Developing next generation water treatment technology


Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) amplifying technology

Enhances lithium recovery rates for all DLE processes

Increases production by 500% versus conventional technologies

Critical Minerals

Recovers valuable critical minerals from mining,  power, and industrial waste-streams

Critical mineral demand set for significant growth with challenging supply options

Unique Rare Earth recovery process

Electric Vehicles, defense industry, and communications are driving demand for magnets and Rare Earth Elements.

Rare Earths are found in
over 90% of electric vehicles.

Lithium demand is expected to increase ~800% over next two decades.

Every F-35 Fighter jet utilizes 920 pounds of Rare Earth Elements.

Lithium extracted from brine to outpace hard-rock mining growth.