KMX is solving three of the biggest environmental challenges with its proprietary technology: Water + Lithium + Critical Minerals

Maximum water recovery for reuse

KMX’s technology facilitates a separation of pure water, minerals and other valuable constituents from brine and waste-streams at low temperature and pressure.

How it works

Feedwater enters module and flows up through center core

Feedwater reaches top of module, is distributed and flows downward through the fiber to the concentrate outlet and then recirculated in the same manner

The hydrophobic membrane acts as a barrier to the liquid and only vapor can pass through the membrane

Vacuum is applied on the shell side (outside of the membrane)

Combination of vacuum depth and heat creates phase transition from water to vapor on the membrane surface.

Water vapor passes through the membrane, is released from the modules and is condensed downstream

KMX Critical Minerals Recovery Process

  • Rare Earths and other critical minerals in waste present significant opportunity
  • Separation from tailings or waste ponds represents 80% cost savings versus mining