Commercial Outlook in Focus: Leveraging Partnerships Outside Lithium

In this month’s update, we’re pleased to announce a new partnership, and provide updates on commercial efforts outside our core lithium focus, including industrial water treatment and energy services.

We expect lithium to remain our primary focus for the coming years and are highly committed to executing on our publicly announced lithium demonstrations. However, we are also excited to incubate our long-term diversified opportunity set through a partnership approach.

Partnership Update:

KMX is pleased to announce the execution of a Joint Marketing Agreement with Pacific States Environmental Contractors. Pacific States is one of the largest environmental contracting companies in the western United States, and is a leader in environmental remediation, water treatment, wetlands restoration, and other engineering services. KMX is also positioned to leverage Pacific States’ significant construction services expertise and platform.

We are excited about the Pacific States partnership and the potential industrial and municipal water treatment opportunities that could stem from it. Pacific States is incentivized to help KMX deploy its proprietary water treatment technology in its core California market and beyond, and we look forward to working with them to alleviate water challenges in the western United States.

Power & Utilities: 

In the Power & Utilities market, new opportunities are emerging for high-end water treatment technologies, particularly in water-stressed areas. Our Power & Utilities industry sales channel partner, KAAM Group, is actively highlighting our technology to power generation and utility companies aiming to improve operational efficiency, lower capital and operating costs, and enhance water stewardship. KAAM is well versed in our core technology, and we expect their team to continue to raise KMX’s visibility in the attractive Power & Utilities market.

Energy Services / Oil & Gas:

Continued local government and stakeholder support for higher water treatment standards in the oil & gas industry, coupled with the recent rise in commodity prices, is driving renewed interest in “beneficial reuse” (treating wastewater to such a high standard it can be used for alternative and beneficial purposes).

As a result, we are exploring partnerships with leading energy companies that could leverage KMX’s technology to treat wastewater for beneficial purposes, while potentially securing valuable critical minerals in the process.

While the energy transition unfolds, we are excited to help some of the most thoughtful incumbent energy companies improve their water stewardship and monetize associated critical minerals (while diversifying our commercial backlog in the process).

Up Next:

Next month, we expect to provide a technology update that includes (among other things): an IP portfolio update, a laboratory test update, and an update on our commercial system engineering process.

While we remain highly focused on the lithium market in the near and interim term, we are excited about the long-term and diversified opportunity set presented to KMX by our powerful cross-cutting technology.

– Zac

Zachary Sadow
KMX Technologies