Annual Outlook – Goals for the Year Ahead

The KMX team is building on a strong year that saw the establishment of lithium as our core market, the licensing of our technology in the oil & gas market, and successful technology demonstrations.

For the year ahead, we have set three new goals, with a focus on manufacturing, diversification, and technology enhancement.


KMX’s key focus this year is executing on our growing pipeline of customers and driving continual improvement in our manufacturing process.

We are grateful for our manufacturing partners that have helped KMX establish its leadership position in vacuum membrane distillation. The team is now working on new manufacturing initiatives that will further improve our leadership position, and we expect these efforts to improve performance, customer costs, and speed to market.

Further, KMX is excited to continue to expand its operational base and is looking to establish a new manufacturing and R&D center in the US, complementing our leading laboratory in Mississauga, Ontario, and further supporting the North American critical mineral supply chain.


While lithium concentration is expected to remain KMX’s core market focus for the coming years, the team is excited to begin the process of proliferating our powerful cross-cutting technology in new markets.

KMX’s technology has been proven in a number of end-markets, including traditional and new energy markets, industrial water treatment, food & beverage, groundwater remediation, and others.

We believe lithium is at the early stages of a multi-decade investment up-cycle, and KMX is uniquely positioned to be a key beneficiary of this growth due to our technology’s ability to maximize lithium concentration (ahead of its conversion to battery-grade lithium), and water recovery (a key consideration in many lithium-rich areas). However, we are excited to build on our lithium commercial progress in the years ahead.

Technology Enhancement

The technology team is focused on various enhancements to our proprietary Gen III membranes as well as our overall commercial scale systems. The team is also paving the way for future generations of technology. We expect this year to include both new enhancements that drive additional performance gains and a further expansion of our IP portfolio.

We hope to share some of these developments in the year ahead, and also hope to announce new potential partnerships with leading technology institutions, building on our lithium concentration research collaboration with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

Up Next

In the months ahead, the team will be highly focused on our work with our current customers as well as evaluating select new commercial opportunities. We look forward to providing additional updates as this work unfolds, as milestones are met, and new initiatives emerge.

– Zac

Zachary Sadow
KMX Technologies