Accelerating into 2022

The KMX team had a running start to the New Year as the race to electrify and a looming lithium supply shortage are intensifying.

Demand for lithium is growing as recent automaker announcements including Ford, GM and Chrysler are accelerating and expanding EV production goals. On the supply side, private equity firm Blackstone recently highlighted the risk and geopolitical consequences of a lithium shortage as one of its “Ten Surprises of 2022”.

Plans for a site visit with CleanTech Lithium are in the works. CleanTech Lithium “has acquired two significant semi-mature salar projects, with enormous land packages covering the critical areas of interest,” according to Fox-Davies.

Chile, the second largest lithium producing country, is deliberating domestic policy changes for the lithium sector, with water and the environment in particular focus, as recently detailed by The New York Times. We believe CleanTech Lithium, which aims to utilize solar and geothermal while maximizing lithium production and water stewardship, represents the potential for balancing production with local ecological considerations in Chile.

Meanwhile, the KMX technical team, led by Dr. Sean Ghayeni, is preparing for our upcoming commercial pilot trials with Cornish Lithium, which will incorporate our Generation III technology, leveraging leading membrane technology from our manufacturing partner, Sumitomo.

Inbound interest in our technology and lithium concentration solutions has increased significantly in-concert with the recent rise in lithium attention, and with KMX recently being named one of “Four EV Battery Startups Worth Watching”.

It is an exciting start to the year, one which we believe marks the start of a multi-decade up-cycle in lithium investment and production. We hope to update you soon as some exciting developments unfold!

– Zac

Zachary Sadow
KMX Technologies