Technology in Focus: New Trial Underway, Commercial System Build-out, and IP Expansion

In this month’s update, we highlight a number of technology related initiatives underway.

The technical team is currently split between 1) performing a new client trial at our Toronto lab, 2) working with fabrication and engineering firms on our large-scale commercial units, and 3) expanding our IP portfolio.

Client Trial Underway – Concentrating Critical Mineral Rich Waste Stream

Dr. Matt Narrol, who leads our laboratory, is currently leading a client demonstration to prove the efficacy of our technology in treating challenging wastewater, which is also rich in critical minerals. Elevated commodity prices coupled with recent policy initiatives to stimulate production of critical minerals, including lithium and Rare Earth Elements, is leading to increased interest in our technology.

As recently highlighted, critical minerals are found in low concentrations in various waste streams and are capable of being concentrated and brought to market with our proprietary technology.

Dr. Matt Narrol in front of the KMX Laboratory Vacuum Membrane Distillation Unit

Source: KMX Technologies

Large-scale Commercial Unit Build-out

While the commercial team is working with clients on fulfilling large-scale system plans, the operations team is coordinating with various engineering, design, and fabrication partners to fulfill this upcoming client demand. Modular and scalable, our commercial scale systems range in size to accommodate smaller decentralized projects, as well as large infrastructure and mining sites. 

KMX Commercial Scale System Rendering

Source: KMX Technologies

IP Portfolio Expansion Continues

Our IP portfolio continues to expand as the team moves to extend our leadership in the market. In the picture below, Dr. Sean Ghayeni, KMX’s Head of Technology, is holding our Generation III membrane bundle. The expansion of our IP portfolio targets a number of unique aspects of our technology, materials, processes, and its application in various markets.

We are excited to continue to build out our IP portfolio in-concert with introducing new enhancements and installing commercial systems.

Dr. Sean Ghayeni, KMX Head of Technology, with KMX’s Generation III Membrane Bundle

Source: KMX Technologies

Up Next:

For our next update, we expect to highlight our unfolding commercial momentum in the South American lithium market.

There are a number of lithium developments unfolding across Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia, as demand increases, and companies and policymakers move to protect water resources while maximizing production.

Iván Rebolledo recently joined our Advisory Board to help KMX implement its regional commercial strategy and manage important regional and local stakeholder considerations for lithium development, with a particular focus on protecting water and ecological resources.

We are excited to have hit the ground running with Iván and hope to share some exciting South American lithium developments with you soon!

– Zac

Zachary Sadow
KMX Technologies