Last week, Cornish Lithium, the highly innovative British mineral exploration and development company, visited the KMX lab in Mississauga, Ontario for technology collaboration and demonstration discussions.

The KMX team and I were grateful to spend time with the Cornish Lithium team and are proud to be partnered with such an innovative and thoughtful group.

Cornish Lithium and KMX Team Members at the KMX Lab

Source: KMX Technologies

Leading UK Lithium Developer – Leveraging Leading Edge Technologies

Cornish Lithium is the leading UK lithium and critical mineral development company, leveraging advanced technologies, including 3D digital modeling, vacuum membrane distillation, drone mapping, geothermal energy, and direct lithium extraction.

Harnessing Geothermal Waters and Heat

Source: Cornish Lithium

Rich History and Broad Portfolio of Sustainable Lithium Projects

Harnessing Historical Data

Building on Cornwall’s extensive geological resources and rich mining history, dating back to the early Bronze Age, Cornish Lithium is unlocking the region’s vast lithium deposits through proprietary data analytics and next generation resource characterization practices, utilizing historic maps and surveys.

Cornwall’s Mining History Dates Back Nearly 4,000 Years

Source: Cornwall Heritage Trust

Efficient Exploration and Decentralized Development Enhances Water Stewardship

Powerful Complementary Technologies & Assets

The accuracy of 3D models Cornish Lithium has built from historical data enables it to deploy precision drilling, a decentralized development plan, and incorporate best environmental and water stewardship practices.

KMX’s ability to maximize lithium production and water recovery, as well as deliver a fit-for-purpose water infrastructure solution, is enhanced by Cornish Lithium’s powerful proprietary data sets, deep understanding of regional resources, and its decentralized development approach.

Cornish Lithium’s Unique Data Coupled with KMX’s Proprietary Technology

Source: Cornish Lithium, KMX Technologies

Up Next

We are excited to continue our important work with Cornish Lithium. The company is leading the UK in lithium development and setting an example globally for the incorporation of best technologies and practices for the unfolding critical mineral buildout.

On behalf of the entire KMX team, thank you to Lucy Crane, Mike Round, and Tom Naylor at Cornish Lithium for this exciting visit and your continued collaboration!

– Zac

Zachary Sadow
KMX Technologies