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On December 8th, KMX CEO Zachary Sadow will speak with Scotiabank Energy Analyst, Paul Cheng, about the opportunities presented by beneficial reuse and desalinating produced water, the emerging interest in monetizing lithium and other critical minerals found in produced water, and KMX’s unique cross-cutting technology, including its application in upstream and downstream oil & gas operations.

KMX licensed its proprietary vacuum membrane distillation technology to TETRA Technologies, a leading energy service company, for exclusive global use in the oil & gas market to treat produced water for beneficial purposes.

The company is also the water management partner to Meridian Energy Group, which is building the first next generation of full conversion refineries in the US in over 40 years.

About KMX Technologies:
KMX Technologies is solving the most critical environmental and energy challenges of the 21st century. Through its proprietary membrane distillation technology, the company is accelerating energy storage with its direct lithium recovery enhancement processes, sustainably sources critical minerals necessary for next generation supply chains and infrastructure, and is advancing wastewater treatment.