We were recently in Japan for strategic planning and manufacturing meetings with our partner, Sumitomo Electric. Dr. Sean Ghayeni, KMX Head of Technology, and I were honored to be special guests of Sumitomo Electric for the visit.

The planning sessions included members of Sumitomo Electric’s manufacturing, engineering, strategy, and commercial divisions.

Sumitomo Electric and KMX Technologies Teams in Osaka

Source: KMX Technologies

The partnership combines KMX’s leadership in VMD, building on nearly 20 years of technology development, and Sumitomo Electric’s manufacturing excellence, with roots dating back over 400 years.

Together, KMX and Sumitomo are working towards helping some of the most innovative companies achieve maximum water and mineral recovery. These efforts are aligned with Sumitomo principles inherited over generations, including, “Mutual prosperity, respect for public good”.

Dr. Ghayeni Inspecting a Recently Constructed KMX VMD Bundle

Source: KMX Technologies

In addition to the in-depth strategy and manufacturing planning sessions, Dr. Ghayeni and I were humbled and extremely grateful to receive the most gracious hospitality while in Japan.

Preparing for Future Growth

Building on recent successful customer demonstrations and a technology validation by the Canadian Government, KMX and Sumitomo are preparing for future demand growth from emerging opportunities spanning various end-markets and geographies.

These efforts are in-line with the purpose of Sumitomo Electric’s 2030 Vision:

“Contribute to building a better society by pursuing Top Technology and innovation on a global scale, using the integrated capabilities of Sumitomo Electric Group”.

Up Next:

We are excited to continue our work with Sumitomo Electric as we expand into new markets and execute for KMX’s current customers.

We thank the Sumitomo Electric team and the various parties that made this visit so productive and memorable.

– Zac

Zachary Sadow
KMX Technologies