Lithium Opportunities Expanding; Technology Development Accelerating

The race to meet growing lithium demand is accelerating and the KMX team continues to dedicate more resources in this direction.

Since our last update, the commercial team has expanded opportunities as potential new channel partners and projects are evaluated, and the technical team has progressed in its three core focus areas: 1) preparing for our upcoming demos, 2) readying full-scale commercial solutions, and 3) enhancing and expanding KMX’s IP portfolio.

While the lithium demand outlook continues to improve following additional automaker EV announcements (most recently by the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance), local and national scrutiny of mining operations and related environmental impacts has increased, as evidenced in the U.S., Chile, and Europe.

KMX is well-positioned as a unique technology to not only improve project economics but also to protect local water resources and help garner local stakeholder support, in our view.

Many of the commercial conversations our team is having reflect the growing acknowledgment from lithium project developers in the importance of protecting local water sources.

We believe lithium project developers that prioritize the protection of water resources will enjoy more local stakeholder support, improve their speed to market, and attract high-quality and equally environmentally conscious off-take partners.

In the months ahead, the technical team is preparing for demos and expects to be undertaking lab tests for customers as well as for our own development. We look forward to providing updates on this lab work, which is led by Dr. Matt Narrol, in the months ahead.

Dr. Sean Ghayeni, KMX’s Head of Technology, has been busy leading the expansion of KMX’s IP portfolio since our last update. We expect unfolding and new IP additions to enhance KMX’s leadership in membrane distillation, as well as enhance our technology’s position in the lithium market.

Specifically, one of the areas of focus around recent IP development the technical team is excited about includes our unique technology, energy, and overall system and project economics.

Following the recent successful lab test of our Gen III membranes, the operations team is excited to begin work upgrading our mobile treatment trailer. Our mobile treatment trailer, which is currently in New Mexico, has achieved successful results facing challenging industrial wastewater, so the team is looking forward to exploring how our Gen III technology might further enhance its performance.

Incorporating our Gen III vacuum membrane distillation process technology into KMX’s large-scale commercial system designs is also well underway, led by Mostafa Nosraty, key developer of KMX’s plant designs and processes and driven by Abd-Elghani Hamiti, our Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer.

It is an exciting time for the company with several important commercial and technical milestones in the months ahead. We hope to update you as some of these initiatives unfold and new ones emerge!

– Zac

Zachary Sadow
KMX Technologies