Last week, KMX met with senior officials at the White House. The KMX team is honored to have had the opportunity to discuss its lithium concentration technology and the Administration’s priority for protecting water resources as part of the lithium development cycle.

The meeting included Amos Hochstein, Special Presidential Coordinator for Global Infrastructure and Energy Security, and Juan S. Gonzalez, Special Assistant to the President and NSC Senior Director for the Western Hemisphere, as well as other top Administration officials focused on lithium, the electric vehicle buildout, and critical mineral security.

KMX CEO, Zachary Sadow, and Amos Hochstein, Special Presidential Coordinator

Source: KMX Technologies

KMX CEO Zachary Sadow discussed the company’s growing commercial pipeline as well as the technical, environmental, and economic advantages of KMX versus the traditional evaporation processes for lithium production.

KMX Advisory Board Member Iván Rebolledo discussed the growing demand for technologies that protect water resources in lithium-rich but arid South American countries.

Members of KMX’s financial advisor, Barclays, including Jeffrey Mathews, Theodore Roosevelt IV, and Rajat Parashar, discussed financing solutions for KMX’s sustainable lithium concentration infrastructure.

KMX and Barclays teams at the White House for Lithium and Water Discussions

Source: KMX Technologies

White House officials discussed the Administration’s strategic focus on sustainable lithium production for the unfolding electric vehicle build-out and various support mechanisms for sustainable technology companies.

KMX is a U.S. company with a growing pipeline of sustainable lithium development customers operating in various regions globally.

KMX is evaluating the establishment of U.S. based manufacturing in-concert with the Administration’s focus on the reshoring of automobile manufacturing as well as enhancing critical mineral security.

About KMX Technologies

KMX Technologies is solving the most critical environmental and energy challenges of the 21st century. Through its proprietary membrane distillation technology, the company is accelerating energy storage with its direct lithium recovery enhancement processes, sustainably sources critical minerals necessary for next-generation supply chains and infrastructure, and is advancing wastewater treatment.